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15 October, 2014


Why Our Time Is Valuable

Ever heard someone say, my time is valuable don't waste my time? Chances are they're probably working too hard! So asides from money, our time is pretty valuable and I try not to waste it away especially when it goes by so fast. Here are some thoughts on why I value my time. Let me know what you think?

Enjoying your own company

I'm such a homebody and there's nothing I like more than having time to myself (usually involves Netflix marathons but who's checking?!) It doesn't make me feel lonely or crave interaction. Relying on other people to make you feel fulfilled doesn't allow you to enjoy your own company. I used to always want to surround myself with people, rather than being alone. I know when we have low points in our lives we can feel that way but learning to embrace those moments can really help us reflect and focus. It may seem sad but I actually don't mind going to a cafe or gallery by myself. Of course it's nice to share these moments with someone but it can be refreshing and liberating - well depends on what you're doing!

Spend time with company that you enjoy

I know it's simple right but honestly any free time I have I want to spend it with people I genuinely enjoy and want to hang out with. As I've gotten older, I realised I don't have to spend time with people just for the sake of it. It sounds narcissistic but your time really is precious! It's OK to pick and choose what you do and who you spend it with. No ones going to hold it against you if you say no to an invite, if they do then - really?!

Don't waste time with time wasters

Life is too short for bad vibes, negative people and those who constantly let you down or don't have your best interest at heart. Not all relationships and friendships last forever, sad but true - so if that means spending less time with certain people or rethinking your friendship group, then adjust your lifestyle and don't look back. People change, grow and our tastes and interests are not always going to be on the same wave length. You don't owe people your free time. Chances are you've experience people being bitchy about someone but they still choose to spend time with them? Not exactly loyal right? So good vibes here on out.

Time out

Don't feel guilty for having down time, as much as I love to be super productive every minute of the day - I know that's just not gonna happen! Having a balance between work and play makes me much more productive and taking time to switch off and enjoy the moments. It's so easy to burn the candle at both ends but a healthy and happy you means a whole lot more.

How do you feel about spending your free time?

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