05 November, 2014


How To Get Things Done & Still Have A Life

Do you ever feel like you can never get everything done, even though it feels like you're always on the go? I'm the same, as much as I love to be Superwoman, there's only so many hours in the day to get my shiz done. I think it's safe to say we're officially the 'busy' generation. We all have things going on, jobs and commitments but you can stay in control of things and still stay sane. Here are some pointers that you may find useful when you're trying to get it all done...


Whatever your task, if you have an exam to cram for, blog post to write or You Tube video to edit then make sure your surroundings are distraction free. You'll get so much more done when you're focused on the task at hand, I'm guilty myself of browsing the Internet or procrastinating endlessly when I'm meant to be tackling something! So switch off your phone, turn off the TV and get in the zone.


I have all these intentions of being productive, getting everything done by a certain time but in reality life gets in the way, I get lazy and sometimes I'm just not in the mood. To combat this I set mini to do lists to simplify tasks so they're more achievable, such as setting yourself a smaller word limit for an essay that particular day or replying back to only a select few emails rather than all of them at once. Your tasks will appear less daunting.


I know it's obvious but having some sort of planner or organiser helps keep your plans and tasks in check. I don't use fancy apps or have a paper diary but find a tool that suits your lifestyle. I use the calendar on my phone and Google Keep for notes on the go. For our Wedding Planning I use Dropbox to store and share files easily. Don't get overwhelmed with writing endless lists, just work through one thing at a time and set little reminders to help you keep on top of things.


I try to utilised my day, from the moment I get up to when I leave work. I commute to work and usually spend this time checking emails, drafting blog posts if I'm feeling inspired, as well as replying back to comments and messages. It's surprising how much you can get done on the train! Find those windows of free time to go through your tasks and plan ahead, even if it's half an hour before you start work or a Sunday night. The weekend is when I dedicate the most time to my blog, shoot bulk photos and draft posts. Find a manageable schedule that suits you and try and stick to it!


Don't be hard on yourself when you don't complete everything, there's no need to feel guilty or apologise. Enjoying and living your life is more important than ticking everything off your list. My blog is a hobby so I don't get too hung up if I don't post regularly, also I don't think people notice too much! Also try to find time to switch off and take time out from your schedule. I like to chill out in the evenings and zone out from the day. You can't be productive when you're on the go 24/7 and burning yourself out.

Thanks to Quinn from Desgettier for requesting this post. Hope you find it useful! Quinn creates and edits amazing You Tube videos, I enjoy watching them more than a lot of well known You Tubers - go subscribe!

How do you stay on top of things?

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  1. Clearing my self from distractions is defiantly something I need to work on because whenever I need to write up a blog post, I always find myself checking twitter, tumblr and Youtube and not getting anything done. Great post Hanh. :)

  2. Great list my dear! I'm so old school, I like to write things down so that when I'm done with a task, I can feel the satisfaction of crossing it off haha. I also like to write down lists the night before so I can rest easy knowing what I have to accomplish tomorrow.

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

  3. Hi Nadia, I know i'm the same it's so easy to get distracted but I force myself to get into blogging mode!
    Thanks for reading xx

  4. That sounds like a good app Amy! That's good to plan out your day, I like to do that do so i know where my day is going.

  5. You can't beat a hand written list, I have terrible handwriting so I probably won't be able to read what I wrote down!

    I like to set out my plans the night before too, it's gets me in the right mind set for the day :)

  6. Great post! I always find writing my to-do list the night before a real help - it means I don't spend the night worrying about the things I have to do as it's all organised and written down, and it also means I can launch straight into my daily activities without having to faff around and prioritize that morning!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

  7. That really helps keep things organised for the next day!

  8. Loved this post! I'm really enjoying these advice lists you're making. Personally, setting realistic goals has always been a problem for me: I either end up overwhelmed or distracted because I underpanned haha

  9. Procrastinating is a word that pretty much describes me - oops! There's no better feeling than ticking off boxes, probably the only reason why I make to-do lists in the first place, lol.

    X Alice

  10. Aww thanks M. I know, I always go in with these 'big' plans but trying to make smaller and simplier goals lately and it's feel so much better when I accomplish them :)

  11. Haha I'm the same Alice, trying to change my ways and actually get things done! I know, what is it with check lists that are so satisfying?!

  12. I need to remind myself of these tips constantly! For me the hardest thing is setting realistic goals - I always want to achieve more - but I know I feel so much better when I keep the tasks more manageable! Love your tips Hanh. x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  13. I agree, setting realistic and achievement goals makes me feel better because I know I can tick them off and not feel bad! Thanks Kate :) xx

  14. Never thought to write my to-dos the night before. I always do it in the morning with a cup of coffee... and about 2 hours of mindless emails and browsing!! Argh! lol. Much more efficient to do it the night before, thanks for the tips! Love reading the comments & other girls' tips on this post Hanh :)

  15. Oh, the app is called "Self Control." It's really genius because there's no way around it, even if you quit the app and restart your computer. If you said no Twitter until 7pm, then there is ABSOLUTELY NO TWITTER UNTIL 7PM lol!

  16. Great post & discussion in the comments Hanh! I especially like your tip about finding little pockets of time and using them to get things done. I'm guilty of using my random 10 minute gaps to browse Instagram and the Purse Forum lol. -__-

    & thanks for the shout out! <3 <3

  17. So glad you like it Quinn! Think I got to check out this Purse Forum....I remember you mentioning this on your previous video :p

  18. I always feel guilty when I don't get things done, but no doubt the key to getting things done is planning ahead and managing your time wisely :) Saying that I never plan ahead with my blog haha, I like to be spontaneous and post when I want to, rather than have a regimented schedule and force myself to have sudden inspiration.

    Great post! :)

    Sarah xx

  19. I try to be organised with my blog but I know everyone is different with how often and when they want to post! Thanks for reading Sarah :)

  20. I agree with everything above! Realistic goals make them seem so much more attainable and therefore motivate you even more.


  21. Yes setting realistic goals is great for keeping things in check :)

  22. That seems a bit extreme to me lol. I trialed a couple but they ended up blocking sites even when I didn't want them too!

  23. love quinn's videos! I just think there are too many things to do! I guess i have to sleep and relax less lol :-P

  24. Me too! Haha I don't blame you, I love sleep too :)


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