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19 November, 2014


I've been getting distracted with wedding planning and been browsing holiday brochures instead for our Honeymoon, can you blame me? Looking at fancy resorts in Asia as it's totally gloomy in the UK at the moment, so I need something to keep me going! I've suggested to the Mr that we should look at a multi trip to Borneo and Bali - beaches, wildlife, sunshine and it won't break the bank. Have you been to either of these destinations? I would love to know any recommended areas or things to do :)

The dress & hair ideas

I'm so excited as I got a call this week from the Bridal store that my dress is ready to be picked up! I know it's super early, as it's ready a lot sooner than they said originally but better sooner rather than later right? I'll get it altered and fitted properly next year. I'll also be wearing a traditional Vietnamese dress in the morning of the Wedding, which my mum got for me from Vietnam. It's quite subtle and not too heavily embellished, which is a good thing for me - less is more!

Hair wise, I love the idea of a messy up do and soft curls. I've recently discovered Kate's channel The Small Things Blog for amazing hair tutorials and inspiration, so I'm going to start practicing on my own hair soon!


One of my top priority when it came to planning was to find an amazing photographer that would suit our style. After asking Twitter for any recommendations, the lovely Viv from Live in Love suggested Irene Yap (thanks again Viv!) Her work was exactly what we was after, soft, natural and romantic and stood out from the other potential photographers. After meeting up with her a few months ago, we're really looking forward to having Irene shoot our big day as well as pre wedding shoot!

Hen/Bachelorette party

That's what your girlfriends what to know right! A big thanks to my sister/bridesmaids for getting the ball rolling and booking our flights to Ibiza next year. I can't wait to party it up with my girls. What better way to let our hair down than the hedonistic party island itself? Have you been? Any good places to recommend ;)


I'm meeting a lighting company next month for ideas on decorating the venue and I'm still in the process of looking for a great videographer. I think I'm extra picky as I used to work in the film industry as an assistant editor, so I know exactly what I'm after!

Do you have any wedding planning tips & tricks please let me know!

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