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31 December, 2014


How has 2014 been for you guys? I hope it's been everything you've dreamt and hoped for, if not then life is full of lessons and experiences and I know it makes us all better and stronger for it. I feel very fortunate this past year has been filled with happy and fun memories, new experiences, goodbyes and new babies :) I've let go of a lot of negative feelings and really embraced being content and grateful for the love and support I have around me. I wanted to share some of my favourite moments over the last year, hope you enjoy the photos!


By far my favourite time of year as it's mine and Hang's birthday in April. We went on an unforgettable trip to Thailand to celebrate, where Hang popped the question - definitely the highlight of my year so far! I also became an auntie again to a gorgeous baby boy and my friend also gave birth to a boy too :)


It started off as a hot summer in London, the World Cup was in full swing and I got stuck in with Wedding planning. We visited lots of gorgeous venues and I started trying on Wedding dresses, which was so much fun! (That's not the one in the photo!) Amongst the planning I whisked off to the south coast of England to enjoy some beautiful sights in Dorset, as well as a country break to the Cotswold.



This was the season for fun beauty and fashion events around London, Wedding fairs as well as the chance to meet Caroline Hirons at an Body Shop event, which was really nice! I also travelled to Bath for a Bon Voyage party for one of my oldest friends who has left for the States.


London is stunning at Christmas time and what better way to get me in the mood for all the festivities, than with a fun Afternoon Tea bus tour! I got to see Coldplay perform at a great gig at BBC Radio 2 and the rest of December was a really fun month of parties, festive get togethers and of course Christmas jumper day at work! One thing I won't miss about this month is all the hangovers haha, let's see if I can do a dry January?!

I'm really excited for the New Year, with a few holidays planned and of course the big day in the Summer it's going to be a busy, fun and memorable year :) I really hope you all have an amazing and kick ass 2015, what ever goals, dreams or resolutions you have planned - let's do this!

What were your highlights of 2014?

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