10 December, 2014


 Skills I've Gained From Blogging

The first blog I remember coming across was a girl on Live Journal many moons ago - does anyone remember that platform?! I loved her witty writing and quirky photography. Fast forward a few years and instead of thinking I had nothing worth while to contribute online, I set up Hanhabelle and just went with it. I didn't have a plan or know where I really wanted to take it. One thing's for sure there's definitely more to blogging than pretty photos and fancy fonts. Here are 6 skills that I've gained from blogging, let me know if you agree with any of these!


I've always seen myself as a creative person, studying arty rather than academic subjects at school and working in creative industries. Blogging has given me the chance to really hone in on my creative side, thinking up fresh content as well as develop my photography. There are so many creative elements that you can incorporate with blogging - writing, story telling, graphic design, photography, typography - the list is endless! Blogging lets me be inspired and hopefully inspire others too :)


Whether you blog once, twice or 5 times a week, creating content and keeping on top of things definitely requires discipline and dedication. It can take several hours to shoot photos, then draft and edit posts. I always feel if you're going to do something, then you should do it properly! It's not always easy to fit in blogging with a full time job and generally living life but developing the discipline to work this into my daily routine pays off. It allows me to create something I'm proud off and focus my attention on.


Every blogger has a certain style and brand that they've developed and probably still perfecting. You don't have to have a super slick web design or know HTML inside out but chances are you've learnt the basics on designing your blog template and banner. I didn't have a clue about Photoshop or HTML before but it's been good to learn, as they're always handy skills to have in your back pocket.


Being part of an online community is pretty darn cool. I always felt being online, you can end up feeling anonymous but in fact blogging makes me feel connected. Talking to like minded people, engaging with you guys and going to events can really open up our networking skills. I know every blogger says this but the interactive side really makes it worthwhile, I love showing support to other bloggers and forming new friendships.


Blogging and being organised goes hand in hand. You have to have some sort of a plan, to do lists or editorial calendar to keep on top of your blog. It takes time to plan shoots, write up and schedule posts as well as promote your blog online. Being organised is a skill you can transfer to any role or task and having a blog really helps me keep things on track, manage my time as well as have a balance between my work and life.


Putting yourself out there online, whether it's posting a beauty review, life update or advice post can feel out of your comfort zone but you know what, it's worth taking the risk! I use to feel the need to keep up with other bloggers and buy new makeup to review but now I create content that fits in with me and who I am. Don't write to please other people. I love bloggers who go against the norm and are a bit different. Your blog is what you make of it so don't be afraid to take risks!

What skills have you gained from blogging?


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  1. Great post! I agree - it's amazing how much blogging teaches you without you even realising it until you take a step back from it all. I've really loved improving my photography!


  2. I have just started blogging, but it's teaching me that it takes a lot more time than you think! Also, great photography is a MUST! I also find myself feeling the need to buy things like other bloggers out there and I think, "how does anyone have the money for this?!" So thank you for that advice!


  3. I completely agree with all of these posts, except I haven't quite figured out how to properly engage with other bloggers yet! Unfortunately a lot of the time I find my comments go ignored which puts me off sometimes. I'm very new to blogging and I'd love more tips to find a better sense of community?

    Cheri xo

  4. Completely agree with all these points. I think blogging has provided me with a plug to learn all sorts of useful skills and also discipline/organization. All of my friends started blogs shortly after they saw I was working hard on mine, but all of them gave up within a few months because it was not their driving passion like it is for me. I now have a blogging planner and spend much of my limited spare time working on my blog :)

    Very good of you to reflect on what you have learned and how you have grown by establishing a blog I think your whole site is gorgeous by the way!
    - Allegra

  5. I definitely agree with a lot of these! One of the main things it has shown me is that you're allowed to put a lot of work into something that isn't your 'job' without feeling guilty about it.


  6. Thanks Jill! I completely agree, I feel more focused now but always still learning something new. You blog and photography are great, so glad I came across your blog :)

  7. Hey Ashley, yes it can be really time consuming! I don't think we need to keep buying new things to keep our blog going, there's so many topics we can cover using what we have :) Also had a peek at your blog, that's so cool you're a stylist - you must know all the latest trends!

  8. Thanks for reading Nicola, yes it takes time to figure out and define yourself online but that's all part of the journey :)

  9. Hi Cheri, that's great you've started blogging :) It does take some time to find your place within the 'blogging community' and you often feel like a little fish but that effort and time will pay off :) don't feel disheartened, every blogger is different but I find connecting with them on social media is a great way to interact and is much easier to reply back!

  10. Aww thanks Allegra! I'm glad you agree blogging does teach us all sorts of skills :) that's great you're so organised with your blog, it does take dedication to keep it up!

  11. That's so true! I put so much time into blogging it does feel like a part time job, but a really fun :)

  12. Sometimes I take a step back and think about why I blog, and the things I learn are one of the biggest things that keep me going. Something my friend said to me a few weeks ago really stuck to me too, that people these days consume too much and think too little, so blogging definitely helps me to take a step back and take time to think. :)


  13. Thanks...I try to keep up on the trends! I am still working on my photography. I need to get better lighting. I usually can only take pictures when I come home from work and it's dark out -- the lighting in my room is terrible! I guess blogging is a work in progress, though! With each post and photo, I will hopefully get better. Your photos are great, by the way! Do you use natural light or do you have lighting?

  14. I was thinking the same thing recently, we do consume too much but my spending habits have changed lately. I don't crave or care much for new things, I try and seek things that will fulfill my life like trips and experiences :) Blogging definitely helps me think too, it's interesting because some people might see blogging as a way to get 'free stuff' but that's not what drives me at all!

    Thanks for reading Joyce! xx

  15. I know it's really hard to take photos this time of year, especially when it gets dark by 4pm! Thanks Ashley :) It's taken me a while to improve but practice definitely makes perfect! I use natural light so that only means weekends for me, so I try and shoot quite a few photos. I then edit them using Photoshop and iPhoto to brighten them up.

  16. Great points, Hanh! These days, my camera comes almost everywhere with me. I used to always regret not taking photos during certain experiences, but now I'm always thinking "hey, maybe I can blog about this!"

  17. It's so true! I feel like when we all start, it's kind of haphazardly thrown together with love and best intentions. And then you truly start learning as you go and as you want to take your work to the next level. You learn a lot!


  18. I know right! I love your outfit and travel posts Meg! xx

  19. That's such a good way to sum it up Rebekah. I used to just throw random posts together but it's been really fun learning new skills along the way and making it something you're really proud off!

  20. Really enjoyed reading this post, Hanh :) Running an active blog that you're proud of is such hard work and incredibly time-consuming. You definitely test your discipline. I feel that I'm still learning the ropes and figuring things out to make it work. I'd love to read a post on how you organize and plan for your blog!

  21. Thanks girl :) I completely agree, it's easy to fall behind and lose that interest or motivation to keep blogging but I try and keep going because I love writing and sharing. There's always different things to learn, I think that's the best part because it's still a journey for us :)

    I still need to be more organised when it comes to my blog but thanks for giving me something to think about for a post! xx

  22. Hello Hanh! I have just discovered your blog and I am absolutely delighted. You have a new bloglovin follower over here!

    I couldn't agree more with this post. When I started blogging, earlier this year, I couldn't possibly grasp how much it would enhance my creativity, discipline and organisational skills.

    What I started basically as a hobby is actually having a positive impact on other areas of my life!

    Have a great week and Merry Xmas Hanh!

    Sophia | www.SassySophia.com

  23. This is SO true! It's funny, people who don't blog don't really realize how much work and dedication goes into it, making everything look decent. I think another thing I learned (or got better at) is stepping away from the internet. When I started blogging, I was online almost every waking moment, checking social media, posting, sharing, and it took some time to find a healthier balance, realizing that taking a day to" switch off" does not mean your blog will go up in flames :)
    Great post, as always!

  24. Being organized! Even though I still miss that one frequently but at least I try to keep a list of my to-do stuff near me as a reminder that I actually have stuff to do hahah Xx

    | www.noirettediary.com |

  25. Hi Sophia, thanks for stopping by! Yes i felt the same way, even though it's a hobby I invest so much time and effort into creating something I love sharing! You blog looks great, I love the design :)

  26. I feel the same Marianna! Because I spend a lot of time blogging I like to find time to switch off too. In the evenings and weekend I leave my phone alone, you can't enjoy life if you're always in front of your phone and computer!

  27. Haha I wish I was more organised but my current routine works for me, I don't like to get too stressed if I don't keep up to date with my blog 24/7!


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