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17 December, 2014


I love the run up to Christmas, with all the last minute present buying, party going and secret Santa swapping! I'm also trying to get myself prepared for the late nights and copious amount of food and drinks coming up this week and next....I keep telling myself I have to squeeze in working out this weekend (!) How are you spending this last week? I would love to know your festive plans :)

As we're nearing the end of the year, it's great to look back over my blog and watch it grow into something I'm really happy and proud of. Having a blog doesn't mean as much without the interaction from you guys, and all your feedback, comments and support. So a big thank you! I also wanted to share a few blogs that I've been enjoying, I hope you find some gems amongst these talented ladies!

Kie - Wild Hearts & Green Tea

I've only been following Kie's blog over the last few months but I feel like this girl is on my wave length. Her lifestyle posts are thought provoking and inspiring, I particularly love this post, tips to be more comfortable by yourself.

Rachel - Nourish

If you're after motivating, go getting posts that will push you to be a better person in so many ways, then be sure you check out Rachel's impressive archive. I loved reading this post, 34 lessons learned in life + love.

Quinn - Desgettier

I've been following Quinn's blog for a while and her venture in the world of Youtube has been amazing! Her videos show off her cool, funny and great personality.

Alyson - The Beauty Vanity

With so many beauty blogs out there I always enjoy reading Alyson's post, great photography, makeup tutorials and beauty reviews. I love her fall inspired makeup look and also be sure to check out her beauty reviews.

Jenny - Jennypurr

Reading Jenny's blog is part of my daily routine, her well thought out and helpful posts are a joy to read. She really cares about her readers, creating content to help other creatives in a positive and realistic way. A favourite post of hers, how to quit being your own worse enemy.

What blogs have you been enjoying lately? 

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