07 December, 2014


makeup that makes me feel glam

Are you guys having a good December so far? How's your shopping list going? Thank goodness for online shopping that's all I have to say! So with all the festive spirit in the air, this is the season when we can pull out that extra glitz and glam with our makeup. Every girl wants that extra sparkle this time of year right? I love any excuse to get dolled up for the party season. Here are some of my favourite products that always make me feel that little bit more done up. Amazing foundation - check, red lip - check, gorgeous highlighter - check, read on for more!


A long lasting and glowy base is a must for that extra wow factor when you're out at those Christmas events. I reach for my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. This beaut never lets me down, 2 pumps and it glides on my skin effortless, covers uneven skin tone and leaves my skin with a healthy and warm finish. It's also SPF free so perfect for all those festive photos, (you can read my full review here.)


Who doesn't want that extra sparkle around their eyes this time of year, you never know who you might bump into ;) I love using this essential eye palette from NARS - 6 great shades including a neutral base, shimmery taupes and brown and a bluey black for that extra smoulder. The shades blend in nicely and I love the colour combinations for a golden smokey eye.

nars makeup palette
TOP: Unconditonal Love - Night Star - Galapagos, BOTTOM: Nepal - Ondine - Thunderball


Depending on if I have heavy eye makeup but I'll be sure to be rocking a glossy red lip. I know everyone seems to be loving matte lips at the moment but I can't resist that extra shimmer. Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple is so easy to wear and feels nice and soft on the lips. This bright orangey red suits my olively skintone really well and I love how you can layer up the colour intensity.


Even though I like to keep my complexion fairly matte, I love using a highlighter on top of my cheekbones to really lift my features and add that subtle shimmer. This creamy highlighter from Becca Shimmering skin perfector is gorgeous, I dab a small amount and it creates a lovely golden and pearly sheen.


I never usually wear glittery nails but this is the season to start adding that extra sparkle to your finger tips, this silvery sparkling number from Essie - hors d'oeuvres is just perfect as it will go with most outfits and looks. We all know how much of a pain glitter nails is to remove so I save this for special occasions!

essie sparkly nail polish

I forgot to mention in my last post, this is now my 101th post! That's crazy, it might not sound hella a lot but I have been trying to be consistence with my posts, so thanks for sticking around you amazing bunch :)

What makeup products make you feel glam?

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  1. Amazing picks! I love this little palette, really glam colors <3

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |

  2. The Nars eyeshadow palette looks like a dream, it's absolutely beautiful

    Great Post

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  3. Dude, this post sooo needs a FOTD! We wanna see how you rock the smokey eye & Candy Apple lip!

    & congrats on your 101th post. Blogging is fun and all, but it also takes a huge amount of work and dedication!

  4. I see two of my "glam" faves too! Nars e/s and Becca's skin perfector! I have new found love for my pump of Moonstone especially in colder months the glow that it gives is beyond compare! :-) I'd love to try one of the GA foundations in this lifetime! he he!


  5. Yes online shopping has been a life saver because town at the weekends is an absolute nightmare! I love the shades in that Nars palette, they really are glamorous x

    Beauty with charm

  6. The palette looks really glamorous! Congrats on you 101th post, doesn't matter if it's a small or a big milestone, it's still a milestone ;) To get my glam on I go for dark lips and shimmery eyeshadow, it's so nice that the simplest makeup look gives me the most confidence :) x

    | www.noirettediary.com |

  7. Lovely post. I really like the Revlon Lip Butters and Candy Apple is such as easy shade to wear. The eye shadow palette looks like a fantastic way to spice up a look. Recently, I have been loving Burberry Complete Eye Palette in no.25 Gold and the MAC's Syrup (its my go to lipstick).
    Rachill // http://sweetsomethingsnz.blogspot.co.nz/

  8. Ooh I love that NARS eye palette, perfect winter party colours!! Gotta have some shimmer ;)
    Emily xx

  9. Yes it's a beauty :)
    Thanks for reading Stefanie x

  10. Haha by the time I get the lighting right for my snaps, it's dark again to get my face on camera! Next time for sure :p

    Thanks Quinn, you're right it takes a lot of work but it's worth the dedication!

  11. Hi Divya! I'm glad you love the Becca shimmering cream as well, it's so easy to apply (compared to the NARS multiple sticks!) and the finish it gives is so nice and glowy :)

    Yes you have to give the GA a try, it's worth the hype - lightweight formula and nice luxe feel ;)

  12. HI Alina, yes weekend shopping is a nightmare at the moment! I agree NARS always have great e/shadows.

  13. Yes it's gorgeous, can't have enough gold eye shadows :)

  14. Aww thanks Siham! You are the queen of sparkly eye makeup in my eyes ;)

  15. Thanks Rachill. The Burberry palette sounds divine! I just had a quick look at MAC Syrup on line and it looks like a shade I need as well ;)

  16. I know, this is the time of year I love wearing shimmery shades!
    Thanks for reading Emily xx

  17. That Giorgio Armani foundation sounds lush! Would love to give it a try but I bet it is wayyyy out if my student budget aha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  18. I think I'm gonna buy the Revlon Lip Butter, everyone's talking about it!! Is it sticky?

    Sara xx


  19. Yes it's definitely a splurge! My other fav foundations are L'Oreal True Match and Rimmel Wake me up, have you tried those?

  20. They're great lipsticks! They glide on easily, feel soft and not sticky :)

  21. Some really gorgeous looking products here! I agree - sparkly eyes and red lips are so much fun this time of year! Also, that Armani foundation sounds lovely. One for my wish list! x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  22. glossy red lip would look fab esp this time of the year! and loveee Essie nail polishes :D

  23. I know it's so fun to add that extra sparkly makeup! Yes it's such a good foundation! xx

  24. You can't go wrong with a red lip ;)

  25. Sparkly eye shadow and red lips are very glamorous, I agree! *as she applies more sparkly eye shadow to prove her point*

    www.rebekahkoontzsite.wordpress.com // US Lifestyle Blog

  26. Yes! The more sparkle the better ;)


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