03 December, 2014


Things To Remember When You're Feeling Down

We all have those days when you just want to wallow in self pity, shut the world out or if things are really tough cry into your pillow. Yep it's sad but true we're only human, no one is happy all the time. I go through those days when I just don't feel like myself and I can't put my finger on why. Do you ever feel like that? It can feel pretty rubbish right. That's life but when we're having those low moments, I like to keep in mind a few things that can hopefully make us feel that little bit better :)


In the words of MJ, yes you are not alone. Even if it feels like no one out there understands your problems or issues, don't shut out the people who care or support you. Just having a friendly face or voice at the end of the phone can help you out of your little bubble. They don't have to listen to your worries or woes but just having someone there to make you smile or forget your troubles even for a few hours really makes a difference.


When you're having a bad day, it's easy to start comparing your life to other people. No matter what your social media news feed says, no one has the perfect life. Yes they may have Pinterest worthy homes and always at hip and happening places but it's just the good stuff people choose to share. Everyone has bad days and crappy moods, so don't get too caught up in other people's lives, it's too easy to then start feeling inadequate and jealous even. So try and put those negative thoughts aside and focus on yourself.


This is one of my favourite quotes that really resonates with me. When ever I feel like nothing is going my way or I have those low moments, I look at the positives in my life and be thankful for what I have. It can be something small like having nice things to enjoy to having supportive family and friends. It's easy to forget the blessings we already have in our lives and get down about what we don't have but its ok, I'm sure it happens to all of us. 


Whenever I feel angry or sad and don't know how to deal with a situation, I always try and just sleep on it. I know it's easy to flare up and react instinctively to a problem but a new day always brings clarity and perspective. Sometimes I don't hold the same negative feelings when I think about it the next day. Hopefully you'll also have more of an open and clear mind to feel more positive about things.

I always think things are not always as bad as they seem if we put things into perspective. Hope this post wasn't too much of a downer but sometimes a girl has just got to write what's on her mind - blogging can be quite therapeutic like that :)

How do you deal with those days you're not feeling yourself?

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  1. Love the last one; perspective is everything so just staying still and sleeping it off is good. My favorite TV-series can always cure a lousy mood or bad day (at least distract my mind) or just surrounding yourself with people that are uplifting and close to you :)

  2. Nice things to look at make me feel more optimistic when life seems to be an endurance test. Like an unexpected pink sunrise when I open the curtains to start another long day. & I have these cheery and inspiring mugs & bowls I like to use at breakfast time to make me smile & appreciate that someone has designed and created something beautiful. Its always nice to know you can WhatsApp too for some quick support :)

  3. Remembering you are not alone is definitely one of the things I find most helpful, as sometimes you really do feel you are the only one going through something!


  4. The last one is so true! Everything feels more manageable after a sleep.

  5. I agree, surround yourself with loved ones who's presence can lift your spirits is a must :)
    yes I usually put on a disney or comedy film to make me forget my bad mood for a few hours :)

  6. Small wonders and natural beauty really makes you appreciate the little things in life, when things seem chaotic and out of place. Yes a quick message on the phone can help relieve the stress quickly :)

  7. It's so true! I go into this bubble sometimes but opening up and allowing people in helps keep you feeling positive about things.

  8. Yes that's a must for me, everything always seems better the next day :)

  9. Aw lovely post. Really important to let yourself be sad but not let it take over xx

  10. Tomorrow is a new day is super important to me, like no matter how shitty today is, I think you kind of erase and start again tomorrow.

    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  11. I agree a new day always makes me feel better if I'm having a bad day :)


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