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11 January, 2015


kill it with kindness
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In true Kardashian style, you just got to kill it sometimes. Kill it with kindness as being kind goes a long way in life, I'm not a fan of tough love or being cruel to be kind. Small and simple acts of kindness makes me have faith in people again. We live in a world where it can feel chaotic, sometimes soulless and heartless. In particular living in London for the last 13 years, it does harder you I feel sad to say. Of course not everyone is rude but if you're a Londoner than you know what I mean! I rush about my day to day life in my own little world, but it's good to step back and think about those around you. We all choose how we feel, choosing to be kind rather than unhelpful makes such a difference and I want to do it more.

Going out of your way to be kind to those around you, strangers, neighbours or people that you work with - makes you feel good and lifts your mood. I fell over on the pavement quite hard the other day and banged my knees, it was painful! Thankfully one guy went out of his way to help me up and see if I was ok, it made me feel better that a stranger was nice enough to help me. People can choose to help or just walk away.

We've all been in those situations when someone is just being plain rude, unkind or ill mannered. The easiest way is to rise above the situation and to be the opposite of how they expect you to react. Be level headed, keep your voice calm. You'll be surprised how quickly they'll stop being angry and get on your level. Kill them with your kindness. They'll soon pipe down!

I want to do more little things that will help people and be less selfish, it's always the little things that makes the most difference! 3 things I'm going to try and do more of - let people go in front of me, assist other passengers if they have heavy loads and be kinder to the environment - a broad one I know!

What small acts of kindness have you experienced? 

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