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25 February, 2015


How To Stay Focused When Chasing Your Dreams

Thank you for your amazing feedback on my previous post Don't Quit Your Day Dream - you guys are the best! Since pouring out my hopes, fears and dreams 2 weeks ago, so much has changed and I feel like I'm on the path to really making a go of my business venture.

Of course, we live in the real world we can't go skipping off into the sunset and just fall into our dream job. We have bills to pay and day jobs to go to. Just because we can't get what we want right now, doesn't mean we can't make it happen. Here are a few things to help us stay focused when pursuing our dreams - let's do this!

Think long term

Whatever your dream may be think of the end goal before you start. I know it may feel premature but thinking about where you want to take your venture - 6 months, 1 year and 5 years down the line helps you think of the bigger picture. Thinking far ahead, allows you to think big, and plan things accordingly with the end goal in mind. Of course it doesn't have to be exact but having a vision to grow your dream, keeps us focused, excited - your eye on the prize.

Keep your sources of income

Whether you have a full or part time job it's good to keep your day job for now. I know it's tempting to just hand in your notice (we've all been there!) but hang in there. Be real. You need as much income coming in before venturing off as well as building capital for your dream. It's tough being in an environment when you know you want to be elsewhere but being financially stable for the time being, will help you when the time comes to take your dream to the next level. If you're fortunate to have financial support and not have to bust your gut for someone else, then you're one step ahead already!

Have a plan

It's easy to tell your best friend your plan to do x, y, z but in reality you need a proper plan. If you're serious about your future ventures you need to take the time to get it all figured out. The last few days I have been researching like crazy, using amazing resources such as byregina, Elle & Co and Wonder Forest. These ladies have got in down when it comes to offering advice for creative freelancers, advice on design and building a business plan. As much as it's tempting to throw yourself in head first and just get yourself out there. Think about your services, skills, audience and what you want to achieve and how you can get there.

Feedback & Support

It's an exciting time when you're working toward you dream and I couldn't do it without the support of friends and family. When I started reaching out and opening up to close ones about my plans, it's just nice to hear their thoughts and perspective. It's good to hear different points of views and how you can be better at what you're doing. Let others be a sounding board and vice versa.

Believe in yourself

Yes cheesy I know but reality is I didn't believe in myself a few years ago, I had given up trying to pursue my dreams. I convinced myself I would be happy with an office job but it's no surprise that it's not enough for me. Only when I started to believe I could be as good as other people out there, then I can really make a go of things. I can't go in feeling defeated. If you really feel you can excel in something, your confidence and passion will shine through.

How do you stay focused on your dreams?

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