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01 April, 2015


How to Start Living The Life You Want

Happy April everyone! Spring is here and I feel inspired to share a few thoughts on how to really live the life you want. Over the last few months I've changed my outlook on the future, I feel optimistic, excited, nervous and scared but all the while knowing I'm working towards living the life that I really want. Is it easy? No but nothing that we want in life is! I hope these few thoughts make you feel motivated to pursue the things that you want in life too :)

Create your own luck

I don't believe luck just falls into peoples laps, it may seem like some people have everything falling into place but in reality you have to create your own luck. Start doing things that attracts the people that you admire, the industry you want to follow or plan the places you want to go. Opportunities are out there for us to grab, not handed to us so just go for it!

Stop comparing & focus on yourself

Nothing will kill your buzz than looking at someone's else life or possessions. Feeling jealous or bitter are wasted feelings. I used to look at other people's careers and feel sad I wasn't able to do the dream job that I wanted. Instead of feeling discouraged I decided to start building on my dreams, focusing on my needs and how I can achieve what I want to make my future amazing. We won't get anywhere if we live in the shadows of others.

Just start

So many times in the past I would put things off, wait for another day but never got round to doing it. When I realised I wanted to set up my own business, I literally got down to business. I wrote out a business plan, currently working on designing and building my website and investing in the equipment and tools that I need. Once you gain momentum, you will continue to stride towards achieving your goals and dreams sooner rather than later.

Hard work pays off

Opportunities comes to those who work for it. If you want to travel more, buy your own place or pursue a new career, you have to set the wheels in motion to make some sacrifices, save up, look at ways to change the way you currently live to work towards the life you want to live. I know I won't get business from sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, we have to work damn hard before we can reap the rewards.

Having a positive mindset

I know it's not easy to just start thinking positive but honestly having an optimistic outlook in life makes all the difference. Instead of seeing things as obstacles, start looking at solutions, how I can make things work for me? Try and turn a bad situation into a good one. I know it's easy to complain and see life as being unfair but I always try and look at ways to see things positively. Want that pay rise? Ask for it! Life isn't easy sometimes but having a positive outlook makes it much more enjoyable and you will attract like minded people :)

What helps you to live the life you want?

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