05 April, 2015


staying fit

There's nothing like an impending wedding to kick my fitness butt into gear (5 months to go!) I literally have no excuse, so at the end of last year I decided to get fit and gorgeous for this summer. I've shocked myself and my body and have swapped bags of Doritos for veggies and the TV remote for weights. So here are some things that's keeping me motivated and moving!


I know I would never haul my ass to the gym so I've made working out at home enjoyable. I have a super comfortable pilates mat from Stotts, it's longer than a standard exercise mat, extra thick and velcro straps if I do want it use it on the go. It's changed how I workout as it doesn't put any strain on my spine, comfort is key.

Workout calender

I follow Blogilates fitness calender every month and I have to say I'm addicted! Her positive attitude is so encouraging and makes working out less of a chore. Her routines are a mix of cardio, HITT and pilates, targeting different areas such as your core, legs, abs, bum - she's got you covered. When I first started her routines, I couldn't even plank for 5 seconds, now my body feel stronger and I'm definitely starting to see definition and feel more flexible. What workout programmes do you guys follow?

Eating clean

Eating clean can be hard but if you want to see changes in your body, it's 80% of what you eat! I try and always cook from scratch, with as little processed food as possible and lots of veggies - kale and sweet potatoes are my fave at the moment. I've completely cut down on my snacking, if I want something sweet I always opt for fruit or some coconut yogurt and blueberries. I'm sure you've heard of Deliciously Ella, I've been whipping up her healthy lunch recipes for work - do you have any favourite recipes to share?


My Fitness Pal is a great app to track all your food and calorie intake.You can input your goals to loose, gain or maintain your weight. It also lets you know how much fats, carbs and protein you're consuming. I know life is not all about counting calories but it really does make you think about what you eat and where your calories are going! You can also sync it up with a pedometer device, to keep track of how many calories you're burning on the go. I'm also loving the fitness community online, some amazing ladies I follow include Lottie Murphy and Carly Rowena for fitness inspo. Who do you guys follow?

What helps you to stay fit and healthy?

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  1. Ah very inspiring! I've been doing 30 days of yoga which I've been really enjoying. I will definitely pick up blogilates next! I've also been trying to cook more and eat less sugar which is definitely helping me feel better! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. This is such an inspiring read! I'm really keen to start getting myself back in shape again - especially now that the days are longer and warmer, it just makes me feel more active and less 'hibernation-mode'! I did start doing some of Blogilates, I think I'll take that back up again. I might invest in a good mat to use as well, something to reward myself :)
    Jennifer x

    Ginevrella I Lifestyle Blog

  3. Reading this has just reminded me how darn lazy I am. I love how people can be so motivated, I have used My Fitness pal before to track stuff which was fun. I would love to give yoga a shot though.

    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  4. i use fitness pal on and off but what really relaly motivates me is if my clothes start to feel tight. you konw there's a problem when the pants won't zip up easily LOL. oh that and if i have a date or am seeing the bf


    A Beautiful Zen

  5. I'm an extremely disciplined person but working out is one of the things I can't get to stick so I don't have a workout routine but I do a combination of easy yoga/stretching/Pilates whenever I have time in the morning or evening :) Very interesting to learn about your fitness habits. I'll have to check out that mat you have as I do have issues with my spine/back and this sounded helpful (thanks for recommending it)!

  6. That sounds great, I would love to get into yoga as well. Blogilates is so much fun (but hardwork too!) Yes sugar really is a hard thing to give up but makes such a difference! xx

  7. Thanks Jennifer! Yes I feel the same when it's Spring time, perfect time to get moving :) a good mat makes all the difference, I was using a thin one before and it was so painful! Thanks for reading xx

  8. I know that feeling I didn't work out much before but I can see why it gets addictive! I would love to try yoga too.

  9. Haha I know the feeling! I think to myself those jeans used to fit, what happened?!

  10. I think a daily stretch or some yoga is great for over all wellbeing and calming the mind. I can see why people get addicted to working out, I feel like I owe it to my body to keep it moving and flefixble :)

    Yes my sister recommended me the Stotts mat as I was using a think mat before and it was hurting my spine, worth the investment!

  11. Ooh I really need to up my exercise quota! I've started following Yoga with Adriene and I'm really loving it, I've also increased my walking by making myself walk instead of getting the tube but it's not quite enough I don't think! So true that a wedding wakes you up when it comes to a healthy lifestyle haha! xx

  12. Glad you're enjoying Yoga Dani, I really want to try it too. I think it will be great way to distress with the run up to the wedding :) any amount of walking is good, I always try and walk when I can! xx

  13. I'd definitely recommend yoga, I actually enjoy doing it and I'm the least fitness-minded person I know! I think now the evenings are a bit lighter I might try and incorporate a run after work if I can, but it's much harder motivating myself to get outside than it is to roll out the mat in my bedroom :) xx

  14. I think I will, thanks Dani! A run does sound quite appealing now it's getting warmer but I agree it's easier to just roll out a mat :) xx

  15. Oooh loving all your exercise and healthy eat practices! I must try and follow! Thanks for the motivation! x


  16. Sophie LovesFood14 April 2015 at 12:50

    Love Blogilates, forgot she has fitness calendars. Must have a look :)

  17. I have to say the wedding is my biggest motivator, haha but I do like working out! xx

  18. Yes she's such a great motivator and I don't have to think about what routines to do with her calendars :)


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