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01 July, 2015


Building Genuine Relationships Online
Love it or hate it social media allow us even more access to people's lives and makes it super easy to connect to people all over the world. Pretty amazing considering I used to be super wary of anyone wanting to know my AIM username way back when for a 'chat'. It's easy to put ourselves out there but how do we really build genuine and honest relationships online?

For me it's all about connecting and following 
like minded people online.  

It's makes sense right, we're more likely to find common ground and build relationships with other people online based on similar interests. May from Red Velvet London wrote a great post a while ago about blogging friendships vs statistic friends. Coincidentally May has been someone I've enjoyed following for a while and it was only natural we would meet up IRL!

It can be easy to fall into the trap of trying to gain lots of followers quickly, following anyone and everyone in the hope they will follow you back, which is what I did when I first started my blog. I soon realised this wasn't how I wanted to gain followers and just let things happen naturally. The thing about online relationships is how easy it is to just drop people, unfollow them with one click. It's hard to know who to really invest the time and connect with?

The blogging community is an amazing if not over whelming place. It also can feel a little lonely at times, we spend so much time typing away, not knowing if anyone is actually reading what you have to say! It can be easy to leave half hearted comments - you know the ones 'great post - follow for follow?' Let's be real you're not really connecting with the blogger are you?

I want readers to feel like they're catching up with 
a friend when they read my blog.

I try and be as relatable as possible :) Bloggers who think of their readers each time they write, can really add more value to their content. This post has been a bit long winded but I do want to say I appreciate everyone that takes the time to read through my posts and leave comments. Having an online space would feel very empty without actually building relationships with you guys - so thank you!

What are your thoughts on online relationships?

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