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25 October, 2015


sortedfood and renniehappyeating

Cooking has never been more fun, especially when it involves the guys from SORTEDFood. Forget about dull cooking videos on Youtube, these guys bring the fun element to cooking with their big online community across the globe. They have teamed up with Rennie on their Happy Eating campaign and I was super excited to get a chance to meet them along with other awesome bloggers, and see them cook up some fast food!

The loft in East London was such a cool location to meet the other bloggers and find out more about how Rennie can help with heartburn and indigestion. If you ever suffer from that bloated stomach feeling, which is often caused by what you eat or how you eat. Rennie is fast acting in relieving pain and discomfort - so we can get on and enjoy what we eat! You can find out more info about how Rennie can help relieve these symptoms here.

sortedfood and renniehappyeating
sortedfood and renniehappyeatingsortedfood and renniehappyeatingsortedfood and renniehappyeating
sortedfood and renniehappyeating

It's so nice when you meet someone from YouTube as they're just as awesome in real life, the SORTEDfood guys were super friendly and chilled. They're a group of friends, who's love of food grew and is now part of a massive online food community. Who doesn't love how food brings people together :)

sortedfood and renniehappyeating

The guys kicked off the evening with the first speedy recipe, Fried Chicken and Pandan Pancakes. A great meal to share and easy to make to. Pandan extract is typical in Asian cooking typically cakes and desserts due to it's subtle sweetness. I've never seen it used in pancakes but it works!

They used chicken thighs as it has a bit more flavour and doesn't dry out as much. The chicken pieces were coated in a mixture of flour, garlic powder, Chinese 5 spice, onion powder, pepper and dipped in buttermilk. They added a honey and ginger glaze as well, to really bring all the Asian flavours together.

sortedfood pandan pancakessortedfood pandan pancakes
sortedfood pandan pancakes

The guys then moved onto making churros. One of my fave desserts for sure, I always get them at fair grounds! The mixture is so easy -  the batter is a mixture of flour, oil, salt and hot water. Using a piping bag with a star nozzle, they snipped them into the fat fryer. The chocolate coffee sauce was a mixture of dark chocolate, sugar, double cream and instant coffee. The coffee part was a bit bitter for me but you can leave it out if you prefer. Such a great sweet snack!

sortedfood chocolate churros
sortedfood chocolate churros

We also got the chance to take part in the mystery food challenge set by Rennie. Behind these doors, would be a mystery ingredient that we would have come up with a recipe and share onto the SORTEDfood community online.

Some of us got picked to select a box and see what our mystery ingredient was, including dragon fruit, red beans, spice mixes and I got white radish/turnip. I've never actually cooked with this so I consulted my friend and good cook Lucy :) I will be posting that recipe soon, so stay tuned.

rennies mystery box challenge

Thanks again to Rennie and SORTEDfood for a great evening of good food, people and fun new ingredients to cook with!

What's your favourite speedy meal?

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