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13 April, 2016


Carry On Travel Essentials

I could try and emulate Victoria Beckham or Karlie Kloss when I'm flying and be super chic and stylish but yea that's not going to happen.... instead you'll find me  barefaced, glasses on and wearing the comfiest trews in my wardrobe. So glam I know. Anyway I've had my fair share of long haul flights (16 hrs+ was the toughest) so our 7 hour flight to New York in 2 weeks (CAN NOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT) should hopefully be easy going. Here are some of my must have items I'll be bringing in my carry on (besides my passport, money and camera obvs.)


I used to be about the large Longchamp bag for travelling but now my shoulders can't handle the weight. So I was on the hunt for a stylish yet comfy backpack, perfect to keep my hands free to snap away ;) I found this simple yet stylist black zip pocket backpack from Urban Outfitters. Check out UB if you're after a backpack, they have so many nice designs! This backpack is made from vegan leather, compact with stylish details such as the gold popper and snakeskin-like panelling at the sides. It has a zip compartment at the back (handy for valuables) the front and inside. This bag has now gone down in the sale for £32! Don't you hate it when that happens, when you brought it full price, haha.

Black backpackBlack backpack

Beauty & Comfort

If I only had to bring one item, this Caudalie Beauty Elixir would be it. It's absolutely heavenly and I always make sure to have a backup! The blend of grape, orange blossom, rose, organic balm mint and rosemary is uplifting and refreshing on the skin. It feels instantly cool and leaves a fine mist that adds radiance to your skin. Yes I believe the hype! We all know the air in cabins sucks the moisture out of your skin, leaving it parched and dull. This Beauty Elixir brings life back into your skin. If you're after a facial mist, give this one a try!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

To amp up the moisture lost in your skin whilst flying, I find sheet masks are perfect to pop on mid flight and immerse your skin in with some much needed nourishment. I don't use one specific brand but I know the Asian skincare market is full of them. My friends always kindly picks up these sheet masks when they're in Asia. The masks are saturated with skin goodness, pop over clean skin and leave it for 10-15 minutes to do it's magic. (I've also used the Talika Bio Enzyme purifying mask, which you can read my review on as well.)

To sooth dry lips, I'll be reaching for this Natralus lip balm. I was excited to win these from the lovely Jennifer all the way from Aus. She is such a sweetie and her beauty blog is one of my favourite reads :) These Natralus balms are natural, smell delicious and apply easily on the lips. The texture is extremely soft and creamy, much nicer than any other balm I've tried. I find some natural balms are too hard and thick to apply and can drag on your lips. They contain Australian Organic Papaya, shea butter and vitamin E and free from petroleum jelly. I'm a big fan and trying to find a way I can get them in the UK!

I also can't survive any plane journey without an eye mask. This silky one is perfect to pop on and catch some zzzz. If you have trouble sleeping, pop a feel drops of lavender oil on your mask, breath in and relax.


I'm sure like you guys, you like to switch things up between reading, watching films and listening to music to pass the time. I'm not keen on the earphones planes provide so these Beats in ear ones work well and don't leak too much sound. I like easy reads for holidays, so will be downloading some chick lits for my Kindle before I go. Do you guys have any book recommendations?

I would love to know what you can't survive without on a long flight. Do you like flying or a nervous flyer? I don't mind flying as I'm too excited about getting to the destination! Do you have any travel plans coming up?

What are your carry on travel essentials?

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