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22 May, 2016


Why Building a Business Takes Hustle and Heart

You guys know I'm all about following your dreams, finding your passion and doing what you love. As much as I'm a dreamer, I'm also a doer and a realist. It's been 4 months since I launched my videography business and boy it's been an eye opener and a ton of hard work. I wanted to share with you potential girlbosses out there, why building a business takes hustle and heart.

"Good things come to those who hustle." 

As much as you can plan and write endless lists on achieving your goals. My advice is to just start and learn as you go. I can't learn how to make wedding videos sitting at home, I have to get out there and just do it. Without a portfolio I had a lot to prove. Why would couples hire me? I focused on my skills and experience in the film and TV industry and my own experience of being a bride. I stepped out of my comfort zone and contacted people to put myself forward and spread the word about my business. I handed out business cards whenever I met people who mentioned about upcoming weddings. Even a taxi driver asked for my card when I mentioned my profession - always find the opportunity to hustle! I knew I wouldn't get any business waiting for people to find me on Google, not yet anyway ;) Use unexpected situations to make contacts!

I've been juggling my full time job with wedding videography (and blogging) and it's been exhausting. The first wedding I shot was over 12 hours, carrying equipment, constantly having to think on my feet and making sure all the right moments were captured. Don't get me wrong I loved the adrenaline and I'm in my element when it comes to editing! For weeks I edited before I went to work, when I got home until late at night. I was tired, sometimes uninspired but I always kept going. Success doesn't happen overnight. Whatever your dream it takes dedication and hard work, no one said it was easy right? Keep driving forward and work that little bit extra because it will pay off! Also thank you to those who liked my Facebook page, it means alot <3

'To be successful, you have to have 

heart in your business and business in your heart."

Why do we choose one brand over another? It can be down to cost, reputation but most likely it's how the brand makes you feel. We go with brands we trust and make us feel good. Having a business is more than your logo, it's what that logo represents. A business takes heart and I'm working on building a brand that people can trust in me and my ability. I focus on my passion for film and talk to potential clients like I'm chatting with a friend. I try and be open, friendly and professional and just being myself, not a robot! If you're passionate and love what you do, clients and readers alike will respond well. Be human, have a laugh, show emotion and most of all kick ass at what you do.

Being a girlboss may be hard work but well worth it. When I get positive feedback from my clients, I know I’ve made the right decision to follow my heart and dream of capturing love stories on film. I hope this post has inspired you pursue your dreams and goals and why building a business takes both hustle and heart. This can also be applied to bloggers, because we all know how much work goes into that too! Now go be amazing!

What do you think is important in building a business?

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