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27 June, 2016



Hope you guys had a nice weekend? It's been a bit of a crazy week here in the UK what with the floodings, Euros and Brexit. I won't go into too much politics but after the decision for the UK to leave the EU, I feel really sadden and disappointed with the news. It goes to show how fear can have such a strong effect on different generations and I feel apprehensive to what the future holds for Britain on it's own.

Anyway asides from politics, football and the weather, life must go on right? I've been knuckling down editing wedding videos, stay tuned to my Facebook page if you want to check out my new videos :) So when it's not chucking it down in London it has been pretty warm and humid. To try and keep my cool, I've been loving using facial mists. I never thought they actually did anything but they really do keep your skin refreshed when you get hot and bothered and now I always have a mist in my bag! So ladies here are some facial mists I've been enjoying lately from my fav skincare brands Caudalie and REN. 

caudalie grape spray, ren flash defenc, beauty elixir

Made from organic grape water, this spray is a god send when I want to instantly cool down my skin! The grape water is soothing and moisturising and the watery mist is light and refreshing. It's an instant pick me up for your skin when you're feeling a bit hot and bothered or sluggish during the day. It's instantly hydrating, no fragrance and doesn't disturb your makeup. So don't worry about makeup running down your face! I hold the bottle about 20cm away from face, eyes closed and spritz away. I keep this in my hand bag and usually use it in the afternoon when my skin needs a pick me up. It doesn't leave your skin 'wet' as the mist is super fine and dries quickly.

A firm favourite of mine and there's something about this mist that lifts my mood and very therapeutic when I use it. My skin feels a bit naked when I haven't spritz this on in the morning as it instantly wakes up and revives my skin! This is a cult favourite for a reason, soothing, refreshing and adds a burst of radiance. It has a refreshing blend of grape, orange blossom, rose, organic balm mint and rosemary. I like to travel with this as well to pep up my skin after a long flight or those hot Summer days. When I first used this I didn't think I would buy it again but now I always make sure I have a steady supply!

The name is a bit of a mouthful and I wasn't sure what an anti pollution mist was? This mist contains a mix of ingredients to protect the skin from pollutants, free radicals as well as help with skin repair. All sounds good right? I'm obsessed with anything anti ageing at the moment and like finding products to protect my skin. The fine mist helps defend your skin from environmental pollution and ageing, which is super appealing especially living in London! I've been using this mist before I leave the house and it's nice and refreshing with a subtle scent. I'm not sure If I will repurchase this spray but it is fast becoming a favourite in my morning skincare routine!

I hope you've enjoyed these facial spray round up for Summer. I would love to know what you enjoy using to keep your skin refreshed in the Summer?

*PR Sample.

What are your favourite facial mists?

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