12 June, 2016



Do you want to up your creative game? I've been so impressed with so many blog content lately, super slick YouTube videos and DIY projects that are insanely Pinterest worthy. I'm sure like me, you guys like to push yourself creatively and who doesn't want to stand out in a crowded creative market? Don't worry there's room for us all :) Being creators, I'm sure we have lots of ideas and visions but if you want to step it up a notch and be like 'hey check out my skillz' then hopefully these pointers will help you focus on your creative endeavours and stand out as a creative and blogger. Let's go!


Whether you a run a blog, online shop or design business. You're putting yourself and your brand out there. Be clear about what your brand represents. Think about what your values are and it's purpose? Is your website a representation of you and is the style consistent across your social media networks? The more focus and clear your message is, you will attract your ideal audience and stand out as a creative individual. Don't confuse people with mixed messages of your wild Friday night out and then sharing your Pinterest worthy online craft shop!


Don't be afraid to play up on your strengths, do you kick ass at photography? People love free tips especially from personal experience or expertise. A good example of this is Jana Williams photography she does an amazing job of utilizing social media, to reach her ideal audience by posting YouTube videos to help people use their cameras and how to style the perfect flatlays etc. Hone in your skills and really utilise them to speak to your creative audience. I used my blogging experience and being a bride to share helpful wedding tips for brides to be on my Wedding videography blog. Be helpful and add value, so people remember you and want to come back for more!


When we get in the creative zone, we can sometimes loose sight of what else is going on around us but having a network of like minded people and creatives is important, not only to discuss similar topics but also collaborate with others. Blogger twitter chats is a great example of interacting with other bloggers and Facegroup groups are awesome too. Don't think of others in the same creative field as competitors but as peers, support each other and you'll be surprised how much attention, engagement and opportunity it can bring!


To truly stand out as a creative don't be afraid to have a strong opinion, embrace your quirkiness, flaws and passions. You may be an introvert but that doesn't mean having to blend in! Be open with what you believe in and have a clear voice, it doesn't mean shouting from the rooftops but not being afraid to show your personality. When I'm drawn to someone and their brand, I feel like I know the person and what they represent. Check out these babes who are rocking it:

Rae from Love From Berlin is passionate about travel, conscious living and photography. We've never met but I feel like I know her, she opens up about her hopes and fears, all the while running a successful blog and various creative projects. Everything about her is distinct from her rainbow hair, to her photography and personal style.  

Working in the wedding industry I'm always searching for inspiring creatives and the moment I stumbled across Nadia Meli Photography I was hooked! Her personal identity was shining through every inch of her beautiful website, as well as her helpful YouTube videos. She was honest about wanting to move away from the weddings she didn't want to do any more, in doing so started finding the clients she wanted from intimate weddings.

Natalie runs an online clothing store Style and Spirit and I was attracted to her beliefs and passion for the Style and Spirit girl - I wanted to be that girl! The clothes represented feel good living, being connected to one another and living a high vibe life. Sounds good right? Natalie does an amazing job at curating a collection that makes people feel good, where the external reflects the beauty of the internal!

Lastly remember....'Don't be like the rest of them darling.' I hope you found these pointers useful and inspired you to push yourself creatively! Feel free to share online, tweet or pin :) I would love to know what your thoughts are on standing out creatively online?

What does it take to stand out as a creative?

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