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20 July, 2016


The UK finally got the memo that it's actually Summer and has graced up with some much needed sun, yay! Time to sunbathe in the the park, don our sunnies and basically moan because it's too hot, haha. Anyway onto a new food post, to be honest with you guys I have been totally uninspired on the blogging front and I can't seem to muster the energy to get creative but I hope you like this foodie post in the mean time :)

A few weeks ago Hang and I was craving some Sushi and I fancied trying a place new, so a quick search later Yama Momo came up, a Japanese restaurant in Dulwich. It's chic and cool and much more upmarket than the usual Japanese that we go to. Hang doesn't care much for fancy interiors but I love a place with good design! I think half the time eating out is all about the vibe right? It has a cocktail bar area, concrete walls and low lighting - love it already!

We ordered some non alcoholic cocktails, how amazing do they look? Hang's Ryuku Sunset had actual candy floss on it! They had mixed up on my original order as the staff were new but they were quick to replace the drinks. I ordered the Kyoto (Apple juice, ginger beer, mint, lime and sugar) but it wasn't as tangy or sour as I thought with too much ice but A* for presentation.

We got stuck into the sushi and chose the lobster maki and dragon roll. Both looked so good and they tasted deliciously too, very fresh and flavoursome. The rolls had a crispy tempura shell so the texture of the rolls were really nice. The dragon roll was a mix of shrimp tempura wrapped in eel, avocado, cucumber and scallion. I love how they mixed up the eel and avocado on the outside of the roll - delish!

The food and vibe of the restaurant was great but the bill was a bit steep especially when it wasn't a special occasion, £80 including service, yikes! We don't mind spending money on nice restaurant but because it was a local place, I don't think we'll be back anytime soon - cos girl likes a bargain but it is a great place for groups and special occasions. They do have a lunchtime special though, all you can eat for £15, so I'm sure we'll be back for that ;)

Hope you're having a fab week and have good weather where you are, let me know what you guys have been up too!

What's your favourite place for Japanese food?

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