15 August, 2016


I had one of those 'I don't know what to wear' moments at the weekend, whilst staring at my wardrobe which is pretty full, haha you know that feeling ladies! Anyway it's been pretty hot in London and sometimes I find dressing for warm weather more tricky than when it's colder. When I'm not working I like to be casual but still look put together. So I paired my all white Converse Jack Purcell trainers, black dress and bomber jacket, which ticks all the boxes for easy Summer style!

Wearing sandals in London basically means having dirty feet by the end of the day so as an alternative I wanted some lightweight trainers. I know everyone and their mum has the Adidas Superstar trainers but I like the simplicity of Converse. These Jack Purcell pair are perfect as they're all white (obvs) with a small navy trim at the front and without the traditional red trim, which I prefer. I haven't worn Converse for years as I used to find the flat sole too uncomfortable but apart from the back rubbing for 2 days, these pair are now nice and comfy - win! I love throwing them on with dresses, shorts, jeans. Anything for a casual Summer vibe.

The leather finish means I can get a lot of wear out of them. I know white trainers get dirty easily so I won't be wearing them running through a muddy field or anything! I keep cleaning them when there's a smidge of dirt on them - that won't last.

Hope you're all having a lovely Summer, how was your weekend? I was down in Sussex to celebrate my Godparents 60th Wedding anniversary, isn't that amazing! They even got a card from the Queen! I also celebrated my friend's birthday and we watched Aladdin the musical, it was so much fun. Have you guys seen it? I'm thinking of going back to watch it with Hang. Let me know how you guys are spending your Summer :)

What's your Summer style staple?

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