24 August, 2016


THINGS I'VE LEARNT from my business

There are so many boss babes doing their thing lately, running their own biz, online shops, blogging. I'm sure like me, even the most well organised #girlboss have made a few mistakes a long the way. 6 months ago I launched my wedding videography business, no portfolio, no professional videography experience. As cheesy as it sounds, I was passionate about creating wedding films and made it happen (trust me not as easy as it sounds!) Hard work aside it's been one of the most rewarding and creative endeavors I've pursued. I've learnt a lot and definitely made some mistakes along the way. It's easy to feel like a failure but we have to learn from out mistakes right? I wanted to share with you guys some things I've learnt since starting my business. Hopefully you'll find it insightful and inspiring :)



When you're starting out, you're keen, eager to please and even do things for free. You undersell yourself and your services. I quickly learnt to value my time and cost my services accordingly. It was easy to just do extra filming for free but offering an overtime charge was the smart thing to do. Everyone works differently but I always remain professional and I made sure that was reflected in my rates. To attract your ideal client you have to be confident in your services. I've had people question my pricing and compare with other suppliers but I stand by my value and I want to work with clients who value me and my services. It's not a bad thing if people think you're too expensive!



Shooting long days can be tiring but it's part of my job. Initially I would try and shoot everything and be everywhere but now from experience, I utilise my time more efficiently. I don't need to be there at the crack of dawn when the bride has no makeup on and hair rollers in! I want brides to feel comfortable so I make sure I'm there for the right moments.

If you take on a project and it seems too much, don't be afraid to cut back or make it work within your schedule. Take on what you can physically can manage, don't over stretch yourself just to look good - 'You can do anything but not everything.'



When I first started out, I admit I was not the most highly technical videographer but I've learnt a lot in a short amount of time. I over exposed shots, footage was out of focus and I even forgot to switch on the mic but mistakes happen! I quickly learnt what not to do and focused on delivering the best quality work I can. I worked out what camera settings were best to shoot in different situations, I read and watched tutorials online but it's only when things go wrong we know how to fix it. Have confidents in your ability but also be willing to learn from your mistakes.



I'm lucky I have a supportive family who help me out with my business. Both my sister and brother have been amazing at assisting me on shoots, they have a good eye behind the camera and an extra pair of hands is so helpful! I thought I could do everything myself but don't be afraid to ask for help. Building a supportive team around you can be the best thing you do for your biz.

In the last 6 months, I've shot 4 films I'm proud off. I've learnt to develop my personal brand and style and I can't wait to keep learning and growing my dream. Working alone can be lonely so having support around me means everything. If you want to share the love, please feel free to like my Facebook page :)

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you've enjoyed this post! I would love to know your #girlboss highs and lows?

What have you learnt from running a business or blog?

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