31 August, 2016


Why is paper the traditional 1st Wedding anniversary gift? I was having a look online and it's something that dates way back to the Victorian times! There are a lot of reasons from paper being a blank page together, representing the modest beginning of marriage as well as symobolising writing your future together. The list goes on but for me paper represents growth in your marriage, starting off with something plain and simple and watching it grow into something solid and stronger over the years :)

What traditions or anniversaries do you guys celebrate if you're in a relationship?  I would love to know what's important to you when it comes to relationship milestones? I'm not one for gifts but Hang and I exchange cards for anniversary, birthdays and Christmas, there's something about a hand written note that is simple and sweet especially when everyone is digitally obsessed these days! 

Our 1st year of marriage has gone by so quickly, I remember the build up to the wedding last year being a flurry of last minute preparation, table plan rearranging and butterflies in my stomach! We had so much fun and love reminiscing about it. I know this post is more of a personal blog entry so I'll keep it short and sweet :) If you fancy more wedding posts you can read about our proposal here and see more of our wedding photos in this post here.

Thanks for reading guys, if you've seen my Instagram you may have seen we've been in Santorini. It was a super fun trip with friends, as we were there for a wedding as well as our anniversary - a post will be up soon! How you guys been, let me know what you've been up to!

What traditions do you celebrate in your relationship? 

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