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26 September, 2016


How to get new followers on your blog.

I know everyone says this but where has this month gone? September by far is flying by the quickest! The UK experienced an Indian Summer, I've started overhauling my wardrobe ready for Autumn and also researching Christmas party venues for work! Yep it's bye Summer and hello to a brand new season. I feel like I've been off my blogging game lately, I keep waiting for that spark of inspiration to ignite! Anyway whilst I figure out my groove, I've discovered lots of fab blogs and wanted to share with you guys what makes me hit that follow button and not bounce off a page and never to revisit again!


First impressions count when it comes to blog design and layout to engage and pull in readers and potential new audiences. It doesn't have to be super professional but I like clean layout and lines, clear and crisp imagery and easy to use navigation. I like that feeling of a warm and inviting space, not too cluttered but not too sterile. Our attention spans are short so a design that instantly pulls you in wins for me. I'm not keen on low res small photos, overly busy side bars or childish or bright fonts (!) I like seeing categories at a glance so I can scroll to the topics that interest me. Sometimes I can't find a way to follow the blog on bloglovin, so having some sort of clear 'follow' button definitely helps! Some of my favourite blog designs include, A Pair & A Spare, A Balancing Peach, Frock Me I'm Famous and The Beautydojo to name a few (so many more!) Let me know your favourites in the comments.


I know pretty much straight away if I'm going to click and follow a blog from the content (obvs) and whether the post titles and categories appeal to me. I like lifestyle and travel blog more than fashion and beauty, so lifestyle content tend to appeal to me if it has value. I like bloggers who go out out of their way to really add something unique to their posts and insightful in some way - well written reviews with links and tips and tricks. Some blogger have a natural flair with words and wit that always wins with me and makes me scroll and read more!


I like to know who the blogger is and what their blog is about with a quick message or bio. This is can a short strap line, for Hanhabelle, it's a Lifestyle and Inspiration blog by Hanh. Simple and to the point, I want it to be clear this a positive and uplifting space and who I am :) Another thing I like to know the name of the blogger, I know this sounds so simple but sometimes I really have to hunt around for the name! It makes it feel more personal and I can put the blog to a face and name and want to read their about me page and see if we share similar interests.


I likes bloggers who aren't afraid to show their personality and something different. We don't have to be extroverts and eccentric but just something unique you know? I love bloggers who show different sides of their personalities, their quirkiness and engage with their readers. I've mentioned in a previous post how to stand out online, for creatives and bloggers - some bloggers who really embrace their personal identity. In a sea of bloggers it's hard to stand out and have your voice heard but sticking to their values and not writing what you think people want to hear, speaks volumes. I wish I was naturally witty with words but I stick to my style of writing a note to friend and try and keep it personable as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what makes you follow a blog? If you like the look of my blog, I would love it if you wanted to follow Hanhabelle on bloglovin :)

Hope you've all had a good weekend, let me know what you've been up to? I shot a wedding in London over the weekend and heading to the Apple Itunes Festival this evening to see Bastille - yay! It's the first time I've won tickets to the festival, Hang and I wanted to win Britney Spears, next time ;)

What makes you hit the follow button on a blog?

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