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06 October, 2016


I started my blog 3 years ago today and I kinda feel like I don't really know where I'm going with blogging. I said to Hang yesterday I'm not sure if I like blogging any more. Does that make me a bad blogger? I don't want this to be a moppy post (because you know I'm all about the good vibes!) but I do feel like I've lost my way with my blog. Don't get me wrong I'm super proud with what I've achieved online and always try to produce quality content for you guys. I've made lovely friends along the way, which I would never want to give up - for realz you guys are amazing! But what I imagine for Hanhabelle is not always executed in the way that I want. Does that make sense?

I've taken breaks from my blog before and came back with the some sort of feeling, a bit flat and uninspired, something hasn't been clicking. Do you guys ever get that feeling? I'm not sure what I'm trying to say but I'm not quitting blogging. I'm going to have a really long think about where I want to take my blog and what I want to do with my space. I sometimes feel my content is all over the place!

There are bloggers that I connect with and love reading what they're up too but I'm quite distant when it comes to the blogging 'community'. I sometimes wonder, should I get more involved, should I have more blogger friends, how come I don't have lots of new followers and comments compared to X. Yes I know we shouldn't compared but that doesn't stop us from doing it, it's human nature right? Blogging now comes in this shiny package, bright lights of glam events, press trips and freebies. We're made to think, we have to make it big, have lots of zeros with our followers count and be constantly on top of our blogging game or people will be disinterested and unfollow you. I shouldn't worry right as blogging is still and will be a hobby for me.


As I reach a new blogging year, I want to evolve myself and the way I blog. I want to focus on being a happy blogger. I miss being carefree with my blog - there is too much expectations to be perfect. Perfect pictures, perfect lives, perfect everything.  Perfection is overrated right ;)

Lastly and most importantly thank you for reading my blog it means a lot and also thank you for reading this post! I want to continue creating, writing and sharing but maybe in a different way, who knows. I'm going to figure that out. Hopefully you guys will still stick around :)

Do you ever feel lost with blogging? How do you combat those feelings? I would love to know, let's talk!

How do you find your blogging voice?

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