30 November, 2016


The end of the year always seems to induce mild stress as well as excitement. In an attempt to keep things organised I wanted to share some ways to keep our blogs running smoothly, so we can concentrate on all festive fun things! Running a blog takes time and work and it's easy to neglect those little admin tasks. I hope this list will help keep our blogs happy :)


It's a good idea to check if you have broken or dead links on your blog. When you have broken links, it can be firstly annoying for your readers, bad for business as well as search engines. So to keep everything working and ticking over, you can use this website brokenlinkcheck to generate all the broken links on your blog. It gives you the exact location and what the error is, so you can amend or delete the link. Most of the time it's external websites that have deleted or removed the page and you don't want them hanging around on your page! Having working links makes your blog a more positive experience for your readers :)


If you have an about me, contact or disclaimers page it's a good idea to keep them up to date. Check to see if everything is still relevant. You might want to add an up to date profile picture, check your email link is working and update the list of brands you've worked with. If you use affiliate links on your blog, make sure you disclose this in a disclaimer.


If you have your own domain address check when the renewal date it or set it on auto renewal. You don't want your website to go down if you're unable to log in and pay or your bank card has expired! Set a reminder on your calender so you don't forget.


Ahh the dreaded 404 error page. I'm sure you've come across this page and it looks ugly and annoying right? There's a simple way to custom the message of your 404 error page so it doesn't go to the generic page and most importantly redirects readers back to your home page. What you don't want is readers to click on an error page and leave your site because of this! If you use Blogger, go to your settings, search preferences, errors and redirections and copy this code in the box and save.

<h1>Oops 404!</h1>
<br><b>The page you are looking for may have been renamed or does not exist in this server.</b>
<br><br><b>You will be redirected to homepage shortly.</b>
blogger_redirect = setTimeout(function() { location.pathname= "/" }, 7000);

For a super helpful post on custom 404 pages check out Elaine's post here. Here's what my 404 page looks like, much more user friendly!



I don't think anyone likes going through hoards of emails but if you're going away over the festive period, it's a good idea to switch on your out of office. I know your blog may not be your job but it's nice for anyone trying to contact you to know you are not available during certain period and not keep chasing you. 


I love using Buffer to schedule tweets. The interface is nice and there are analytics to check how many clicks and engagement your tweets get. Buffer is great if you know you don't have time to be tweeting all day, so you can schedule your tweets in advance. Use a URL shortener so you can write more and not be restricted by 140 characters on Twitter. Another tip is to write different headlines/statuses, you don't want to keep repeating the same tweet 5 times a day!


Another thing to make sure is your blog is mobile responsive. I'm sure most blog are these days but if you're unsure, check on your mobile and see if all the menus look ok. I wrote a previous post on how to make your blog mobile friendly if you want to have a look. If you're buying a blog template, just double check it's responsive as well.

Thanks a lot for reading, I really hope you found these pointers useful! I know it can be a bit boring to keep on top of your blog admin but it can make all the difference to your readers. I would love to know your blog admin tips? Let me know in the comments below :)

 How do you keep your blog running smoothly?

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