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19 December, 2016


Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat this year but I've became a much happier blogger for it. The simple secret? Stress less and write what you really love :) I focused on building my videography business and shot 8 weddings this year, which has been such an amazing experience. When my clients are happy and have a film they can cherish forever, it makes all the hard work worth well. If you want to keep up to date with my biz, you can like my Facebook page for updates :)

So back to blogging. You guys know I love catching up with blogs, reading comments and generally having a chit chat with you lovely guys online. There has been so many posts that have inspired me this year and I wanted to share the love and leave you with a few of my favourite blogs. I love seeing what these lovely ladies are up to, be sure to check out their links!

Alina - Beauty With Charm, The Ultimate Pamper Routine.
Alyse - Lumière and Lens, A DIY Brightening Facial Serum.
Anna - This Last Moment, Clean Eating's Dirty Secret.
Andrea - Beautydojo, 10 Modern Christmas DIY Projects.
Cherie - Sinonym, Afternoon Tea at Dalloway Terrace.
Joyce - Characters & Carry Ons, Mini Travel Guide to San Francisco.
Michelle - Daisy Butter, My 4 Day Seoul Itinerary.
Rae - Love From Berlin, Internet Killed The Radio Star.

I also want to say a super big thank you for reading and supporting my blog, it's so comforting having this space online and sharing posts with you guys. I hope I will keep being inspired with blogging next year as well as pursue other creative projects. I want to learn new things, read about different topics, drawn, paint, design. Anything to push myself out of my creative comfort zone, that's my goal!

So with Christmas a few days away I want to wish you all a Happy Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful time, whatever your plans and wherever you may be. This is is the first year I won't be spending it in the UK as I'll be in Vietnam visiting family. I haven't been back in over 10 years, it's been a while! I'm looking forward to having a change of scenery and be somewhere hot, haha. I'll be on Instagram if you want to follow along :) So this is me signing off for 2016! I would love to know what your highlights are from this year and what blogs you've been loving too?

What are your plans over Christmas?

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