20 February, 2017



Hope you guys had a lovely weekend, I've just come back from a chilled and sunny mini break in Porto, more on that later :) I've been in two minds whether to write or publish this post and it's been sitting in my drafts for a few days. Even though I've shared many parts of my life with you guys I feel nervous sharing this post as it still feels raw. So where do I start? The last few weeks have been really hard mentally and emotionally and it feels surreal to say this but last week I quit my job.   

It's always been my goal and dream to leave my full time office job of almost 4 years to pursue my wedding videography business. It's something I've been seriously contemplating but never put a time frame on it. It wasn't until certain unfortunate events that unfolded at work, I realised my heart wasn't in that job and it wasn't fair to my employer or myself to stayI didn't want to be in an environment where people do not have my best interest at heart or value me
The time leading up to this decision, I experienced stress and anxiety. I feel like those words get thrown around too often but having experienced those very real emotions, it was tough. I'm not a stressed or anxious person and I was tired with all the emotions I was feeling. Deep down I knew I should never give up on myself, know my self worth and believe in myself. I realised being in that role didn't make me happy and wasn't good for my self confidence, happiness and well being so I made the decision to leave.

We're in control of our happiness and we have a choice of the environment and people we surround ourselves with. Of course it's not so simple to just up and leave a job but sometimes opportunities presents itself in strange ways. I saw this as a chance to close one chapter and start another, this is the time for me to pursue my videography work full time and I should run with it. 

Who knows what the future will hold for me, am I scared? Yes, but I know I'm passionate about my creative work. As my friend Lucy said I've laid good foundations for my business so I look forward to the opportunities that will hopefully come my way :) I'm excited for a new found freedom, to finally be my own boss and fully throw myself into things I care about and I'm good at. It would mean so much if you wanted to show my videography business some love by liking my Facebook page :)

Yes things have been a bit crappy lately but that's life right? It throws us curve balls to make us stronger. I'm lucky I have amazing friends and family who truly believe in me and it has meant so much having their support - I honestly don't know how I could of got through all of this without them. I know this post has been long winded and not my usual happy and upbeat style but I hope it has inspired you to believe in yourself no matter what :) We can do anything if we set our hearts and minds to it.

"It's ok to struggle, just don't give up on yourself."

Thank you so much for reading.

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