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20 March, 2017


spring outfit pink lace camisole

Before I jump into this post I want to mention this cute pink lace camisole from Boohoo, which was  a total bargain at £8! I've been after a camisole to pair with boyfriend jeans and this is the perfect addition to a Spring wardrobe. Anyway pink cami aside, I wanted to chat to you guys about online presence. If you're a blogger like me, a big part of our lives is being online. I sometimes feel lost with finding my place in this overwhelming industry.  

Even though blogging is not my job, it takes a lot of time and energy to create an online presence and there are times when I feel like I don't fit in. Is my content all over the place and does it really reflect who I am? Do you guys ever ever feel this way? I know there is space for all of us online but I think it's only natural to sometimes doubt and question ourselves. Blogging can mean big business these days. The bar is set high to create high quality content and be perfectly polished. Gone are the days where a grainy image will suffice, it's sad but true!

So that being said. Where do I stand online? Over the last 3 years I have grown Hanhabelle to what it is today. A lifestyle blog sharing all sorts of things I enjoy. This is my personal blog, sometimes it will be deep and personal and sometimes it will be light and fun.

If you feel unsure with where you stand online, think about what you value and believe in? Read your about me page to remind yourself why you started blogging and what you want to bring to the online community. For me it's about being positive, creative and inspirational

So next time I feel dishearten about my numbers dwindling on social media, I have to think this is who I am. If people don't like it, does it really matter? It's not going to change my life drastically! If what I write and post reflect me and my taste then that's all that matters right. I used to want to create the perfect flatlays and outfit shoots but that's not me, I can't be bothered to curate super polished content all the time - I've got a life to live ;) Just as along as I engage and connect with people that's what's important to me.
This online culture can bring out all sides of us and it can be hard to find your place. You can't help but feel competitive and lost at times. Just remember to be true to yourself. If something doesn't sit right with you, don't feel like you have to share it. I'm all about the pretty aesthetics but I want to be real and create trust. I don't want to loose my authenticity online. 

pink lace camisole

Outfit: Top - Boohoo, Blazer - River Island, Jeans - H&M, necklace - Lisa Angel.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. I hope I'm not the only one that feels this way! How do you find your place in this online industry, how do you want your voice to be seen and heard?

 How do you feel about your online presence?

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