05 May, 2017


Nami Island Spring

I know everyone is saying this but whoa we're flying through the year. Anyway hope you've had a fab week, how's it been? I thought I would be in a lull since coming back from our trip but I feel quite motivated this week - hope it lasts! Last Thursday I spent my birthday in Nami Island, Korea. I don't really celebrate my birthday but it was such a lovely way to spend it exploring the beautiful island. Here are some photos from the day, I would highly recommend a day trip if you're in Seoul!

We booked our day trip through Trazy, which I know my friend Michelle booked through as well. We booked it 2 days in advance and cost $71 for the 2 of us as well as a visit to Petite France, which is a cute little town with all things French! Nami Island is about 1 hour and a half from Myeongdong in Seoul. We arrived with our tour group and travelled on the ferry over to the Island. It's a really quick trip and the ferrys run quite frequency. We also saw people zip lining over to the Island as well, if that's your thing! You can find out more about the island and how to get there here.

When we stepped off the boat, the view was breathtaking, forest of stunning trees everywhere we looked! There were streams, bridges, waterfalls and so many different coloured leaves. I can imagine this place is gorgeous in all seasons but I'm glad we still got to see some cherry blossoms (I've been chasing blossoms all holiday!) It's very well maintained and even though it's a tourist attraction it didn't feel too crowded and we could wonder off just the two of us.

Nami Island KoreaNami Island Korea Spring
Nami Island Korea Spring

We started to explore the outskirts of the island first, walking along with the river by our side. The names on the map are so sweet as well like 'Maple Tree of True Love Lane', 'Happiness Village' and 'First Kiss Bridge'. It was so nice to be around nature, really calm and relaxing. I love that feeling of escaping city life and this was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours before heading back to the bustle of Seoul.

Nami Island KoreaNami Island Korea
There are a few restaurants in the centre of the island, you can get Korean and Asian food as well as ice cream and snacks. You can also hire bikes there are so many kinds, tandem bikes (couldn't convince Hang to go on one with me!) electric bikes as well as ones to sit in kids - they looked so cute. I haven't rode a bike it so long and it felt so good to ride amongst the trees, I felt super free like a kid again!

Nami Island KoreaNami Island Korea

I hope you enjoyed this post and fallen in love with Nami Island as well, I mean seriously how gorgeous are these purple trees! Let me know if you're a nature gal like me too :) I also posted my Korean beauty haul, if you fancy a read. Stay tuned on Monday, I'll be sharing my Japan post and vlog, it's a good 'un ;)

What do you think of Nami Island?

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