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09 April, 2018



So with baby arriving any time now (eek!) I thought it would be a good time to sit down and share my thoughts on being pregnant. I never planned to blog about my pregnancy and have been very lazy with blogging in general. I think it would be nice to read and look back on how I felt over the last 9 months - the good and the bad, before baby brain sets in and I can't remember a thing! This is a very personal post for me to share but I know you guys are all lovely readers :)


The first few months felt like the longest and the hardest emotionally and physically. Hang and I were excited but I was constantly worried if the baby was ok, that 12 week scan seemed like an eternity away and we even thought about paying for a 8/10 week scan. After a week of finding out I was pregnant, I was bleeding and my heart sank. I called the doctor and they told me to go to A&E for an emergency scan, I remember crying and feeling scared. Those 3 hours in the waiting room was awful, fearing the worse but also trying to stay positive. When they did the ultrasound, I asked them 'is it ok?' They said yes and I burst into tears. We were so relieved and happy to see our baby on the screen and it made me realise how much I wanted to have a baby.

I've been super lucky to not get morning sickness or nausea but felt constantly tired. The exhaustion hits you like a wave and I need naps constantly. Emotionally I was a bit low during this time and didn't feel like myself. It's hard as you can't really share the news with anyone, so you do feel alone. I was extra sensitive and the smallest thing would cause me to well up and cry. Things that wouldn't normally bother me but those hormones were playing havoc! I also caught a cold and it's horrible as your immune system is down and you can't take the usual meds and pain killers.

When we have our first scan at 12 weeks, it was amazing to see our baby on the scan and hear the heartbeat, at the time it was the size of a pea!

maternity photo shoot
              2nd TRIMESTER

I feel more positive and concentrate on looking after myself, trying to eat well, doing pilates and going out and seeing people as normal. I shoot my last 2 weddings of the year and find it very tiring to be on my feet all day. My skin looks better, not my usual breakout and blemishes but I do start getting eczema, which was irritating but thankfully cleared up.

We start getting the nursery ready and my sister kindly donates lots of her baby things. Researching for baby things is a whole new world! Around 5/6 months I have more energy so thought it would be nice to go away for a break when I still can. My sister and I go to Seville and Hang and I get some sun in Gran Canaria, it's handy we're close to Europe, so it's not stressful going away.  

I also get obsessed with sorting out our home, decluttering and redoing our kitchen. The nesting instinct is real!

Towards the end of the year I start to feel baby movements and it's so freaky at first! I wasn't used to it and it did feel weird feeling these rolls and flutters but also reassuring. We also have our 2nd scan just after Christmas and find out we're having a boy, after I was certain it was a girl hehe.

maternity photo shoot 

Bump is getting really big now and it's tiring when I walk for long periods of time and have to wear a support belt. The need to go to the bathroom is constant and I panic when I'm out and need to find the nearest toilet! Even though I'm tired and more slow and sluggish, I make an effort to go out and meet friends whilst I still can. For me it's also been hard to adjust to dressing like myself, jeans and baggy tops is not always a cute look! I know it's not forever but I do miss wearing certain outfits.

My sister helped me throw a lovely baby shower and it was nice to be with my friends and family and I'm so thankful for all the cute baby gifts. A photographer friend also kindly took some maternity photos of me, I wasn't planning on doing a shoot but I'm glad we did.

Hang and I go to antenatal classes and it's very informative and not just about breathing! We also had our last scan today and baby is growing well and very active. Now I can't wait to meet our little one and shower him with love :)
My pregnancy has been a positive and good experience, I feel so lucky to not had any bad side effects or weird cravings and most importantly baby is well and healthy. So with our little fella coming anytime in the next few weeks, I'm trying to stay calm, relaxed and organised - cleaning the house, hospital bags packed and batch cooking freezer food these last few days!

Thank you so much for reading, it means a lot you took the time to read this :)

Any mums to be out there?
I would love to know your thoughts and read about your journey too!

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